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Aomori Craft Beer



Beer is a never-ending experience with something new at every turn.  The best way for you to experience craft beer is to first understand it.  To that end, we'll be holding periodic "Beer Benkyou" classes in our tasting room.  These will range from an introduction to craft beer, the brewing process and even the raw ingredients.  The classes will have limited slots available, but for any class that is overwhelmingly popular we'll hold it again at a later date for anyone who might have missed out.  The classes are not meant to test ones knowledge or show off how much you may or may not know about beer.  With an open mind we hope to foster a highly educational atmosphere while still having fun, I mean there is beer involved so of course it will be!


Examples include


Basic introduction of craft beer

Here we will sample familiar styles such as pale ale, IPA, stout, wheat, porter, sour, etc.  This is perfect for people unfamillar with craft beer to jump right in to the revolution.

Raw Ingredients

This can be a class about something like malt.  We will go through a variety of differnet malts by sampling them, mixing them with hot water and smelling them, seeing what kind of color it creates.  This can help fine tune your beer sensory abilities by giving you a solid idea of exactly what malt is.

Food Pairing

This will probably be a class that comes around many times.  This is not only educational but amazingly fun.  When I say apple pie do you think Imperial stout?  How about sushi, does Kolsch come to mind?  Maybe something even as simple as curry, maybe a nice English bitter?  Beer goes with food plain and simple.  Beer is versatile and can match with a variety of foods that other alcoholic drinks could only dream about. 

Beer History

While maybe not the most exciting (I know history right!!) it can add a whole new perspective to the drink in your hand.  A night of this could include something along the lines of three beers such as IPA, Sour, and maybe a smoked beer.  While trying different examples of each there would be information about where and how did each of these specific beers come about. 

Off flavors

A much more advanced course but important none the less.  Using a popular off flavor kit  we can learn how to identify when there is a problem with the beer we are drinking.  Maybe the problem comes from the brewery and their technique.  It could also come from handling or even the bar itself that is serving the beer.